10 Reasons Labrador Are The Best Dogs

Labrador retrievers are one of the most popular dog breeds worldwide. What makes the Lab so special? We think it’s their wonderful balance of traits. Sensitive without being anxious, athletic but not hyper, the Labrador Retriever makes a perfect addition to any family.

The Labrador’s easygoing personality and capacity to learn make them especially especially trainable, which is why they excel at everything from search and rescue, to therapy work, to hunting and agility. There’s nothing a Lab can’t do.

If you have yet to come across one, these friendly companions are sure to steal your heart!

1.Labs never take themselves too seriously

2. They aim to please

Labs are very dependable animals, known to be very loyal and obedient. They were originally bred to be working dogs, and love having a job to do for their owners. Labs notably love to follow commands, especially when followed by receiving a treat.

3. They’re super intelligent

This makes them such great dogs to train! They love learning new tricks, and make good hunting dogs, hence the term “retriever.”

4. Labs are sooo good at looking innocent

5. They make Amazing service dogs

Over 70 percent of dogs used by Guide Dogs of America are Labradors! Labs have been known to be one of the most successful breeds for service and guide dogs. Additionally, they have moved into becoming sniffers for police and military forces, as well as becoming excellent search and rescue dogs.

6. You have three beautiful coats to choose from

Regardless of the parents’ coats, litters can have black, yellow, and chocolate lab puppies.

7. And don’t forget about the infamous silver lab

Created by a fourth, less common gene pattern, there is also a controversial fourth color that’s been added to the bunch: the Silver Labrador Retriever. It’s still argued whether or not silvers can be considered purebred, but they are cuties nonetheless!

8. They’re high-energy

Labradors are an energetic, exuberant breed that need a lot of exercise day to day, which makes them the perfect workout partner. Take them on a run or go for a swim, labs get excited for any kind of exercise.

9. Lab puppies are the undisputed champions of cuteness

10. They’re the all-around perfect pup

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