Times Pets Were Caught Red-Handed

Ever wonder what your pet does when you’re at work all day? ‘Sleeping like an angel’ or ‘guarding my house’ might be among your top guesses… But what if your pet is actually up to no good without you knowing it?

Sometimes our four-legged buddies get caught in the scene of the crime red-pawed and with plenty of evidence to prove they were up to no good – and then their ‘wasn’t me’ facial expressions are just epic.

Somebody Got Busted

I Regret Nothing!


Somebody Wants His Breakfast

Stealing From A Child

Doesn’t Even Regret

Cat Busted Trying To Touch The Cinnamon Rolls

You Little Thief. Back Off, It’s Mine, All Mine!

His Ears Disappear When He Knows He’s Busted


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